Carpet Rug Woes!

Hiya Peeps
Shuna here
How do you have your kiddos sit on the carpet?
I used to have on of these

and it worked great to define space.
But at the end of the year it was taken to be cleaned and never quite made it back to my room!
Maybe it found some wings and escaped all the dirty behinds, nagging hands, and endless little accidents!
I mean who would blame it

Sometimes I wish that I could sprout wings and fly away

but hey that is a story for another day

I had  one of these little diddies for about a year 

Which let me tell ya is not that great for little people
It had no clear definition on it and it was a pain to try to get the kiddos to stay in their space

because it didn’t

have boxes or straight lines
After a year of the rug from hell
I was then given a large blue rug that looks like it belongs in someones’ home
I had my thoughts about it but it has worked like a charm
For starters it is rather large
After my year from you know where I knew that I wanted to have some way to define space for 
the little buggers so
I got a roll of 
Ad image
and got busy
Here is how my rug looks now
I assigned students a line and spot to sit on 
No more arguing over who sits where and next to who
See the space in between 
that is the runaway to the board
No more crawling over each other
Alrighty peace out peeps
I am linking up with Hadar @ Miss Kindergarten
Hop on over to see some fabulous teaching tips to make your life a little easier

15 Replies to “Carpet Rug Woes!”

  1. I use the duct tape, too. My littles behinds never fit in the designated squares or spaces, so they have to stay on their duct tape "label". I like the way it works on a blank canvas. No more arguing over who wants which spot.

  2. I've written names on masking tape and stuck it in a space on a carpet without borders. I've tried going without carpet spots, but I just can't do it! I'm too controlling! They seem to do better and learn more when they know where to sit.

  3. great idea! love how they have space and walk ways…no need for an expensive fancy rug.. I have a fancy one but my kids this year still move all over the place.


  4. I went from having a plain solid rug (like your current) to the one you used to have (alphabet squares). I hate the alpha rug! The kids are so distracted by all of the pictures and letters. I want my old rug back! πŸ™

  5. Do they pick at the tape at all??? My kids pick at my tape, but it's not duck tape so maybe that's why.
    Love your runway. I have 29 kids and there is no room for a runway. Waaaa.

    1. I have one that picks at the tape but she doesn't anymore

      They all have gotten use to it

      Last year I started with 33 and ended the year with 29

      This year I am sitting comfortably at 26 which makes all the difference

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