Learning Sight Words and Freebies

Hiya Peepers
Shuna here
Do your little shining stars struggle with sight words?
This year I have a handful of students that just can’t remember their words
Try as they might they just can’t get them
So I do a variety of activities with them to get them to learn those all important words!
Here goes my schedule for how I teach sight words
I first introduce the sight word. We use magnetic letters to build the sight words and practice writing  them.
We also write the words in the sky and write them on the carpet for that tactile support
We practice writing them again ( sky writing, carpet writing, writing on our hand, writing on the back of a neighbor and finally writing with marker ) The more motions you can get out of students the more they will build that muscle memory and more likely remember the motions for each word
We build the words using letter titles and playdough
We practice spelling each word with a motion. For example if we are spelling see we might clap each letter or do scissors. When I teach spelling words I try to get the students to activate both their left and right brain so I do a lot of activities  that cross the midline
Man I should have took pictures of this but I am going to try to explain
Don’t shoot me, please
Here goes
Students hold their arms straight on either side of their head
I say a word for example see
The students move one hand over to the other ( kinda like how you would for alligator chomps) while spelling the word
Snapping It Up
Kinda like the round of applause cheer but instead the students snap each letter in a circle motion
Students hold hands flat in front of them in front of their chest
I again call a word
Student crosses one hand over the other while until they spell the whole word
I have some more spelling motions but at the moment I can’t for the life of me remember
Darn Monday brain!
We also sing the spelling words for the first time on Tuesday
I know that I have talked about this site before but it is a great way to give those singers in your class time to do what they like to do best: SING LOUDLY!
I use Mrs. Jones room to practice singing our spelling words
There is a different song for words from 1 to 6 letters
Pretty amazing stuff in my book and it works wonders
On the spelling test I catch my little darlings singing the songs to help them spell the word
Y’all I promise that it sounds  like it takes forever for me to teach spelling but it doesn’t
I promise
pinky promise
15 mins tops!
You believe me right
Aww shucks you do!
Now we can move on
Wednesday, right?
Let me check
Yep Wednesday
On Wednesday we do everything we do on Tuesday we jut add finding the word in the sentence!
I write a sentence and the kiddos practice reading the word in context
I scramble up the letters and let them unscramble them to spell the word correctly
I also do spelling exercise to practice spelling the word
You can view this post to learn about my spelling exercises
On Friday 
We review all the words and play Sparkle or All Around the World
Here are some morre spelling ideas that I use in my classroom
Use flour or sand and have kiddos use their finger of pencil end to practice writing the words
Spelling Recording Sheet Freebie
You can this sheet in my Visual Plans
Click HERE to download

To get a blank editable copy so you can add you own words you can get it HERE


Bottle Top Spelling
Spelling Mini Station
Click here to read more about my mini stations
More spelling Mini stations
Click here to read more about these mini stations
Paint the Word Template Freebie
You can get this freebie by downloading my Visual Plans
Click HERE to go to the plans


I am also using sight words practice pages
I send these home for homework
These are something that the kiddos know how to do by themselves and they find them fun



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  1. Hey there! This is Brooke from Once Upon a First Grade Adventure! Love this idea for a Linky! I tried linking up a few times but am apparently having trouble with inlinkz—it says I need a backlink, which I thought I had, but who knows…! Anyway, here is a link to my post and freebie. Let me know if you know how I can link up for real 🙂


    Once Upon A First Grade Adventure

  2. You have really great ideas! I just pinned all of your pics, hehe! Thank you for sharing. I am always looking for ideas to motivate the kids to spell. Thanks for doing the links! I will add my sight word flash cards 🙂


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