Jiving With the 5, Senses That Is! Plus I Come With Gifts

Hiya Peeps
Shuna here
I hope you are staying safe and out of the path of Sandy
This week there will be a full moon AND Halloween falls on a Wednesday
This should be a fun week
I might not have any hair left after it is over
We shall see

'I'm so happy Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year!' said no teacher ever.

Anyhoo a couple of weeks back  did a fun unit on our 5 senses
We had so much fun 
I have been meaning to share but 
I have come down with a very dangerous disease called 
Does anyone know what the cure for this disease is?
It has completely taken over and I can’t seem to get anything done
We went to the pumpkin patch about a week ago and met 2 fellows
Introducing fellow number 1

fellow number 2
Now fellow number 1 
Let’s call he Sweets 
Was a true sweetheart
We petted and fed him and had a good time
Now fellow number 2
Lets call him Grumpy Pants
Did not like all the attention that Sweets got
So he can over and thrashed and kicked and head butted his way into the spotlight
He was so freakin disrespectful! 
Enough on the fellows 
Moving on
On Monday I introduced the 5 senses to students and they got to smell, taste and touch different things. After we finished we discussed some of the things
I set up different things on the students tables and let them walk around and experience each one

We watched the five senses jive to learn move about the five senses
Click here to check out the vid
and played with Sid
Click the pic to check out the game
Stupid me forgot to take pictures off all the activities that we did throughout the week but I did manage to get some pics of our tasting party
After we finished we put our listening ears to the test
I created a little powerpoint and recording sheet to use
I created this during my student teaching which was a little while ago
Don’t shoot me for using, EEKS,  the dreaded Microsoft clipart

It gets the job done

You have been warned!

Peace Out Peepers

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