Acorns, Squirrels and Freebies Oh My! A Linky Too

Hiya Peepers
Shuna Here
Fall is one of my favorite seasons!

The weather is cooling, the sky is so pretty, leaves are at their most beautiful right before they fall off

I love me some fall

Yesterday my kiddos got into the fall spirit

My students  went on a fall scavenger hunt and they love love loved it!

I hid acorns around our building and the kiddos had to read the clues to figure out where the next acorn

was located

Here is a peek at our fun
To begin our scavenger hunt I told the kiddies that I knew a silly squirrel names Squirrely Squirrel.

I told them that that silly squirrel was so nuts that she lost all her acorns and it was their job to help her

find her nuts

We are ready to find those acorns!

The kiddos had their recording sheets and they were ready to go

This was so much fun and the kiddos did really well with it

After we finished we went outside and found real acorns!

One little sweetie say, “WoW, Ms. Patterson 

Squirrely really lost all her acorns! What is she going to eat”

We used our acorns to count with using these work mats

Click the pic to pick them up for free

If you would like to pick up the fall scavenger hunt pack

Click the pic below

It is only 4 bucks in my store and includes all the clue cards, coloring and writing sheet, snack idea and

an acorn craft!

What are some things that you do for fall?

I would love for you to link up with your own fabulous fall ideas and tips!
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Peace Out Peepers!


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