Meet Someone New Sunday Giveaway Day 3

Hiya Peepers
Shuna P here
Today is Sunday
The end to a long week
This week has tested my smile and my faith
The devil has been working and tried to steal my smile
This week has been filled with a lot of downs and lows
How do you smile when life keeps kicking you?
This week has been incredibly hard for me! So many things went wrong
Everywhere I turned was pain, heartache, tears
Life has a way of knocking the wind out of you so much so that you can’t breathe
Let me tell you God will put you in a position where no one else but him can solve it for you
I was so deep in darkness I could not see a way out
Tuesday as I was driving to work this song came on
Tears started to form
I told God that I would stand still and let him handle it
 God did it for me
He pulled me up and wiped me off
Here I am on Sunday, after the hardest week that I have had to endure, with a smile!
Today is meet someone new Sunday

Hi!  I’m Elizabeth from The First Grade Jungle Room.  I am so excited about being featured on this Meet Someone New Sunday!

1. What is the name of your
2. How long have you been
I started blogging this past June while on summer break!
3. Who/What inspired you the
most to start blogging?
I have had a personal/family blog for a few years, but I was never a consistent blogger.  I have fallen in love with reading blogs and spend many hours doing this every week.  This past school year had many firsts, and I decided I needed to create something that would allow me to remember certain things – funny moments in class, breakthroughs in class, what works and what doesn’t.  I want to be able to take from blogging and grow to be a better teacher.  I teach for the children, and I want to be the best I can.

4. What is the funniest
thing a kid has told you?
First graders say funny things all the time.  It is hard to sum it up into one thing.  Let me share two:
This year one of my Reading groups were learning the word solo, and one of my students spoke up and said their is a country song with solo in in it.  He broke out into the song “Red Solo Cup” by Toby Keith.
In my first year teaching, one of my little Hispanic boys at the end of the school year asked how long it took me to draw the little dots on my face each morning.  Confused for a second, I realized that he thought I drew my freckles on while I was doing my make-up each morning.  He had went all year thinking this.
5. What state do you live in
and how many years have you been a teacher? What grade?
I live in West Tennessee.  I have been teaching 5 years all in 1st grade.
6. What are you totally
obsessed with?
I am obsessed with To Do Lists.  I have one for almost everything I am in.  I am also obsessed with work.  I love to be busy!
7. If you can have one
thing, regardless of price or reasonability , what would it be?
I would love to build a new house right now.  As a child, I moved every four years to new houses so I have the itch to move.  However, my husband lived in the same house almost all his childhood so he doesn’t have the itch.  We plan on building in the country in the future.
8. complete these sentences
I could not live
without God.
I always seem to say yes.
When I get angry my kiddos
know I mean business
I am secretly a(n) perfectionist.
I feel like a kid again when
I ride my bike.
10. 3 things that best
describe you
1. Punctual – I have to be on time!
2. Professional/Perfectionist – I like to do things by the book for the most part and the right way.
3. Positive – I try not to be negative but to keep a positive outlook.
11. What are your top 3 fav
blogs ( Please include links/pic)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher – She is hilarious!  I love her Talk About It Tuesdays.  

A Teeny Tiny Teacher

What the Teacher Wants – One of the first blogs I truly got interested in.  They have some great ideas!


Dashing Dish – Great Christian blog that includes recipes and workouts!  Definitely a go to during a rough week.  She has even expanded to have a full out website.  
12. What was your ah ha
moment when you knew you wanted to be a teacher?
I have always loved kids!  Everyone wanted me to become a doctor, lawyer, or some occupation that makes lots of money.  However, I was called to the ministry at a young age.  I knew the ministry wouldn’t occur overseas but in my hometown.  I felt called to teach the children in the town I grew up in.  I kept this idea in my head as I went through high school and college.  I accepted a job the month after I graduated college teaching in the same elementary school I attended for four years.
14. Best teacher tip
Keep a notebook with all your important papers in it.  Clean it out frequently of any old papers. In the notebook you need a calendar for each month that you work.  When you get some important dates, right them down on your calendar.  I also keep a planner in my purse.  Then when it is time for a spontaneous meeting you have everything you need in one folder. 

15. One thing that your
followers would be surprised to know
I have had three ACL (knee) surgeries! The first time I tore my ACL was during my Senior year of high school on a ski trip on New Year’s Day.  I had surgery that month to fix it, but it never was right.  They went in two more times within five years to try to fix it.  I will probably have to have total knee replacement, but the doctors have told me to go ahead and continue to work out and such because I can’t make it any worse.
16. Make us laugh!
What is the best joke that
you know or share a funny pic
I’m not a big joker.  I am typically the serious one.  However, I love to laugh.  Here is a picture from my wedding day!

17. In a past life what
would you have been?
In a past life, I would have been a teacher.  I can’t see myself being or doing anything else.
18. What is the first thing
that comes to mind
Snakes – Slithery
Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees
Friday Football Games
Monday Back to a Routine
ShoesHate but Necessary
Food Salads…Yum!
Diets Ugh!
SchoolLove Learning
TargetGreat Store!
CookingWife’s Duty that she does not like
Yard Work Husband’s Duty that he does not like
Disney Movie Beauty & the Beast
Guilty Pleasure – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
TV Show American Idol
Music All genres
Movie The Notebook
Which would you choose
Food or shoes – Food (I hate wearing shoes!)
Clipart or a book – A Book – I love to read when I have time.
Ice cream or candy – Ice Cream – I love anything cold!
Dollar bin goodies or actual
household items
Actual household items – I love decorating.
Chips or cookie – Cookies with a glass of Milk
School supplies or groceries – Groceries – got to have it to survive
Classroom décor or home
décor – Both 
Comfy teacher shoes or heels – Heels but the doctor would tell me comfy teacher shoes
Target or Walmart – Target
Tea or Coffee – Neither, I only drink water, but I would have said sweet tea before a year or two ago
Night owl or early bird – Early Bird – 4 o’clock riser
Dog or cat – Dog, but my husband wants a cat
What is the last thing you:
ate – PopTart
saw – Mailman delivering my new laminator
bought – Gifts for a wedding and baby shower
did – Looked at my new grad school assignments
What are you in love with
right now?
I am in love with life!  God has been so good to us lately.
Share your fav clipart
Gasp, I don’t have any favorite clipart, because I don’t typically create things.
Fave Font
Double gasp, I don’t have a favorite font either.  I am trying to make myself get into fonts, but I just haven’t had the time.
Links to
Blog –
TpT/TN – Don’t have one!
Pinterest –
Facebook – Just use it for personal stuff.
Twitter –
Thanks to Shuna P for having me.  I hope you are able to check out my blog.  I do a series on Wednesdays called “Wednesday’s Word of Wisdom”.  I would love to have you visit!

Don’t forget to check Elizabeth out and show her some love!

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Hiya Peeps
Shuna P here
I hope that you are having a great week so far
This week my kinder babies have been learning about nouns
I have never taught nouns to kinders this early in the year but with the new program we use we had to 
introduce it. 
While looking for some ideas to teach nouns I ran across this oldie but goodie
I remember watching these when I was in school
These videos rock!
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