Classroom Pics and a Peek at my week

Hiya there Peeps
Shuna P here
I think that I have finally found my groove
The kiddies are adjusting
My feet are content with being in real shoes again
best of all: I don’t have to go to bed a 7p.m anymore!
I wanted to share with yall a quick peek at my week 
Here are some of my classroom pics first
Here is my writing board
The paper is for my TA to use when she does Guided Writing

My P.B.I.S. Bulletin Board
The students each have a monkey that has there student number
When the students earn S.T.A.R. bucks they clip them to their monkey

My crafting area for whole group instruction
The striped rectangles on the door are actually place mats that will be used to stick the spelling words of the week and word family words on

 Letter of the week and word family of the week

My bench that I have been promising to show for a while

Under my white board
The baskets on top of the crates hold my book for the week
puppets,reading skills and and letter cards.
In the crates are the students carpet folders, white boards and socks with dry eraser markers
No more arguing over what color marker they get

Get it free here
This week we have been reading Brown Bear Brown Bear
I love love love this story and the kiddos love it too
This year my kiddos need a lot of support with the alphabet
After we read the story the kiddies worked on matching the uppercase letters to the lowercase letters
Boy did this take a while
I have a couple of students who don’t even know what the alphabet is
We will get there
Sentence Cards
Our spelling words for this week were I, see, the and a
We sung our spelling word songs from here
Then we practiced reading and writing those words

Alphabets in line

Cut and Paste Alphabet Sheet
We also had a teddy bear day since we read the story Brown Bear
This little cutie is telling her bear friend the letters in the alphabet
More practice with spelling words and reading the I see sentences
The students built the I see sentences and used a pointer to read the sentence

If you are interested you can check out the unit here
You can pick up some freebies to go along with the unit here and here
This week we began learning about numbers
The students went to stations to practice some number skills
Students used number stampers and playdough in this station

We practiced writing numbers and used links to show the correct amount
At my station we worked on number formation using playdough
We practiced building the number 
For example we talked about that the number 5 is made up of a backwards C, a small stick and a line across the sky

One of the many crafts that we worked on this week
This is from the Alpha Pack from Nicole @ Rowdy in Room 300
You can check out the pack here
I came home and saw this on my door step
I don’t know what it is about boxes that makes me break out in a fit of giggles and turn me back into a school girl
Lakeshore sent me a little goodie in the mail 
I will be back later to show you what we did with these little ditties 
Fine motor practice anyone?

Peace out Peeps

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