Back To School Blog Hunt ( Freebie)

Hiya Peeps
Shuna P here

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Have you been following along with the Back to School Blog Hunt?
The Lovely Mary from Sharing Kindergarten has gotten some top bloggers together to share an awesome freebie with some fabulous folks

That’s you peeps
With the new school year starting for most 
everyone is filled will the giddyness that only teachers experience during the first day of school
*Butterflies start fluttering
*Brain starts dancing with wonderful ideas
*Feet start aching in anticipation
*Smiles start forming
*Bank account starts depleting 
*Last minute mad dash is in full swing*
Teachers live for the day when they get to meet their new kiddos
*Smiles will be aplenty
*Laughter will be heard
*Fun will be had
*You will be walking on cloud 9
Then suddenly it will start to rain
The cloud you were walking on suddenly and abruptly moves to the left and
you will fall hard!
Those smiling faces that once were so sweet 
not so much
Those little buggers will start to work on the last nerve
You will want to pull your hair out
Don’t do that 
It will not be a good look for you!
You will want to run for the hills
you love your job so instead
 you decided to take a mental health day
Good for you
Well when that day comes
Which it will
Don’t kid yourself
You are not that awesome!
Make sure your sub is all set
My freebie for ya today is a sub binder set and a to go transportation list
Included with the binder set is a portable transportation list that can be cut out and put on a binder ring
This list can be hung beside the door on a command hook and be taken outside with you during 
dismissal time!!
Simply write in the student’s name and you are ready to go

Hope you enjoy your little freebie 
Check out my blogging bud Nicole to see what freebie she has posted today
Peace Out Peeps

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  1. Oh Shuna! I am new to the blogging world (I don't even have my own blog yet) but you are definitely my favourite blogger πŸ˜› I love all of the cute things you make, but more than that, I just love reading your blog posts because they always show your personality! Thanks, and keep it up πŸ˜€

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