Rowdy in Room 300: Centers plus a Freebie

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Have ya’ll heard what Shuna is doing?!?! She is cray-Z! Making over 40 little costumes for her kid’s program – so she’s a little busy at the moment being a super-duper teacher! Now that’s commitment, right?! So I’m going to blog for her today! I’m so happy to be here on Pocket Full of Kinders!!
First…an intro (drumroll, please!) I’m Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300. I would love you to come visit my blog if you have a chance! Is it weird that I put my picture in?! I’m totally a visual person and I love seeing my bloggy friend’s pictures of themselves and their families – it’s like I know them in real life! ha! So here’s a pic of me!
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I’m going to talk a little about stations in my class – we do stations twice a day – for ELAR and Math every day. Occasionally I pop in a Science rotation here and there but we religiously do ELAR and Math (seriously, my kids throw a fit when we have to miss station time!). I love being able to monitor my student’s progress and work together with them in small groups! *Stick with me friends, I have a freebie at the end!*

This is how I have my stations organized:
My kids visit 2 stations a day – I keep all the materials in these drawers – they are labeled “A” through “J”. When it is station time, my kids go and look at the chart below (magnetic to the whiteboard) They look at their color group and then know what two stations they will be completing for the day.
My first stations is always a more “work” type station – depending on the skills we are working on that week. The second station is always a more “fun” station – either some type of game or puzzle, computers, etc.

Like I said before, this is the time that I pull my groups to do small group. I have for you a little packet I created for decomposing numbers in my Math stations – my kids did wonderfully with it and it really reinforces number sense!

Click on the picture to take you to the {FREE} packet!

I hope you enjoy and will come stop by my fun blog!

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  1. I love your idea of using those colorful drawers thing for centers. I actually bought it on sale VERY cheap, but have been using it very unproductively in my classroom. It's kind of just a hide out for random papers I don't know where to put :/ eeeek {okay… I did have a plan – 2 drawers for each day of the week, but plan faied lol)

    and Shauna… your nuts! 40 costumes!?! I hope you post pictures when you're done!

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