A Peek at My Day Plus a Freebie, Computer Name, Winners!

Hiya Peeps
Ms. Patterson Here
This post has no real rime or reason but I thought that I would share somethings that we did today
I have been off for the last two days and I came back today to find that our plants have sprouted!
Boy I think that I was more excited than the kids

We planted some in both soil and wrapped some in a paper towel in a ziploc bag.
Here is a look at a few of the ones the students put inside their ziploc bag

The kiddos were excited to see their little seed grow
Next we got out this little sheet and the kiddos had fun finding words that they can read

*You can get this sheet for free along with some other magazine work printables here
After finishing all that cutting we had a big mess on our hands. There was paper and crap everywhere

We decided to play mystery trash! Mystery trash is a game that gets the kiddos up and excited to clean. I pick however many pieces of trash on the floor and tell the kiddos that it is there job to find the mystery trash! I tell them that they can’t talk, push, take something for someone else and etc…
Note the time on the clock

 Note the time!

Sparkling Clean!

 Next we started on our Mother’s Day Crafts. I have 29 kiddos so that means 29 milk carton boxes that I have to cut the top off………………………This is as far as I got my hand was killing me!
We are also making Mother’s Day hand print poems!

 They are coloring their wrappers for their milk carton flower pot

Us on the way to lunch!

 Random Pics

So I posted yesterday about my computer Lappy and how she went to computer heaven!
I had to buy a new computer and I asked my peeps to think of a name for her
Some of my favs were
Vista ( if you read the post you would understand)
Lappy 2.0
I still have not decided, which one do you think that I should pick?
Do you have another suggestion?
Anyhoo on to the winners of the Farm Unit Giveaway
Here is my new unit that I just posted to TpT
There is also a farm freebie in my TpT store if you would like to check that out

Your unit is on the way
Now on to the freebies
You have to wait I will be back,hehe
I am going to double post today so check back!
Peace Out Peeps

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  1. Would love for you to share the Mother's Day craft and poem! I'm looking for some good ideas!
    Looks like tonnes of fun, as usual!

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