Poodles,Grease, Me So Lucky, and the Pin that just Keeps Going

Do you have that one item of yours that just keeps getting pinned over and over? Seriously are you tired of seeing the same old pin? No, well I sure am
Don’t get me wrong this pin has bought alot of traffic to my blog BUT I just want to scream, ” Hey I have other cool stuff, PIN ME, PIN Me!”
Do you know which pin that I am talking about?
Well if you don’t let me introduce you to the imfamous item
This little one page doc has been pinned over 5,000 times viewed over  10547

In fact just as I am writing this post someone else has just discovered these little gems and have pinned them. These things have been repinned over 50 times in the last 2 minutes!

If for some reason you have not seen these you can click on each picture to download them!
Thursday was our Kindergarten Grad Program and I was so so so happy that we finished those darn
costumes! Don’t get me wrong there was oodles of cuteness to be had but it was so much work!
Here is how the costumes turned out

Patterns that had to be cut out! 45 to be exact

Skirts minus the poodle! Those had to be glued on by yours truly!

Looks like a simple job but it took way too long

One stack done……………………………

Two done…………………………………

STill a ways to go! This is going to be a long night


it was

Boys vest that are getting cut out

Dragged the sissy along to help out

She is cutting out the boys’ collar

Boy’s Vest

PRe-K teacher hiding her face

Psst……………. I talked her into starting a blog and a store! Look for a post about her

The Little cuties with the skirts and scarfs!

To cool

Check them out with the vest, shirts, hats, rolled up jeans, white socks and black shoes!

Back of the vest


I am so lucky that Friday was my last day

3 work days left and then it summer break

Can’t wait to go to the conference and see Jennifer and Kim!

Look at me on a first name basis

Peace OUt Peeps

Enjoy you summer

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Rowdy in Room 300: Centers plus a Freebie

Hi blog land!!
Have ya’ll heard what Shuna is doing?!?! She is cray-Z! Making over 40 little costumes for her kid’s program – so she’s a little busy at the moment being a super-duper teacher! Now that’s commitment, right?! So I’m going to blog for her today! I’m so happy to be here on Pocket Full of Kinders!!
First…an intro (drumroll, please!) I’m Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300. I would love you to come visit my blog if you have a chance! Is it weird that I put my picture in?! I’m totally a visual person and I love seeing my bloggy friend’s pictures of themselves and their families – it’s like I know them in real life! ha! So here’s a pic of me!
My Photo
I’m going to talk a little about stations in my class – we do stations twice a day – for ELAR and Math every day. Occasionally I pop in a Science rotation here and there but we religiously do ELAR and Math (seriously, my kids throw a fit when we have to miss station time!). I love being able to monitor my student’s progress and work together with them in small groups! *Stick with me friends, I have a freebie at the end!*

This is how I have my stations organized:
My kids visit 2 stations a day – I keep all the materials in these drawers – they are labeled “A” through “J”. When it is station time, my kids go and look at the chart below (magnetic to the whiteboard) They look at their color group and then know what two stations they will be completing for the day.
My first stations is always a more “work” type station – depending on the skills we are working on that week. The second station is always a more “fun” station – either some type of game or puzzle, computers, etc.

Like I said before, this is the time that I pull my groups to do small group. I have for you a little packet I created for decomposing numbers in my Math stations – my kids did wonderfully with it and it really reinforces number sense!

Click on the picture to take you to the {FREE} packet!

I hope you enjoy and will come stop by my fun blog!

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Bidding Adieu, Math and more Fun!

Hiya Peeps
Ms. Patterson here
I don’t know about you but I have 12 days left of school and I am so excited!
This week we had an amazing time and a much needed stress reliever
Check out some of the things we have done this week
We had our PBIS celebration of great behavior on Friday and the kiddos really enjoyed it

After we finished with the PBIS celebration it was time for us to go to  Arithmetic Antics. The teacher assistants had to create an activity for each grade level. This is in preparation for MCT2 and the purpose of the math day was to show kids that math can be fun. There are about 12 different stations that they kiddos rotate through
This was for addition and subtraction
WE also have a Literacy Luau too
Each assistant had to have anchor charts for each grade level and directions! This station was 3D shapes and the kiddos used netbooks to play shape games!

Measuring with non- standard units
After Anitcs Day it was time to go to lunch
This is just a random pic of my student
It made me laugh
 Finally it was time for use to go back to the garden!
We have been studying plants for awhile now. We planted some plants in soil and in ziploc bags
These little buggers grew so fast and tall, something I didn’t expect b/c I in no way have a green thumb!

The kiddos had fun moving our plants to their new home

Today is the last day of the TAW sale

all the items in my store are 20% off plus TpT is throwing in an extra 10%

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Peace out Peeps
Have a Blessed Day!

Classroom in Action

Hiya Peeps
Shuna here
Sorry I have been MIA for the last week I have been trying to get ready for the sale! You can score my Animal Lovin Pack for free on TpT for today only!
Check out the amazing blog hop here and see what other amazing freebies you can scoreI am having my first TpT Sale and I am so excited!

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I would love to see you over there

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( Thanks Erica for the cuteness !)Now that we have gotten the business out the way

Check out some things that we did this week

I want to show you a peek at our week







This is a free download from Donna Glynn @ Kinderglynn

You can get these here






Peace OUt Peeps
Don’t forget to check me out on TpT

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A Peek at My Day Plus a Freebie, Computer Name, Winners!

Hiya Peeps
Ms. Patterson Here
This post has no real rime or reason but I thought that I would share somethings that we did today
I have been off for the last two days and I came back today to find that our plants have sprouted!
Boy I think that I was more excited than the kids

We planted some in both soil and wrapped some in a paper towel in a ziploc bag.
Here is a look at a few of the ones the students put inside their ziploc bag

The kiddos were excited to see their little seed grow
Next we got out this little sheet and the kiddos had fun finding words that they can read

*You can get this sheet for free along with some other magazine work printables here
After finishing all that cutting we had a big mess on our hands. There was paper and crap everywhere

We decided to play mystery trash! Mystery trash is a game that gets the kiddos up and excited to clean. I pick however many pieces of trash on the floor and tell the kiddos that it is there job to find the mystery trash! I tell them that they can’t talk, push, take something for someone else and etc…
Note the time on the clock

 Note the time!

Sparkling Clean!

 Next we started on our Mother’s Day Crafts. I have 29 kiddos so that means 29 milk carton boxes that I have to cut the top off………………………This is as far as I got my hand was killing me!
We are also making Mother’s Day hand print poems!

 They are coloring their wrappers for their milk carton flower pot

Us on the way to lunch!

 Random Pics

So I posted yesterday about my computer Lappy and how she went to computer heaven!
I had to buy a new computer and I asked my peeps to think of a name for her
Some of my favs were
Vista ( if you read the post you would understand)
Lappy 2.0
I still have not decided, which one do you think that I should pick?
Do you have another suggestion?
Anyhoo on to the winners of the Farm Unit Giveaway
Here is my new unit that I just posted to TpT
There is also a farm freebie in my TpT store if you would like to check that out

Your unit is on the way
Now on to the freebies
You have to wait I will be back,hehe
I am going to double post today so check back!
Peace Out Peeps