You Gotta Get Up And Move To Learn

Hiya Peeps, Ms Patterson Here

I hope you are having a great week. I sure am! This week is going by so quickly and so much better that the last. I  think it has to do with the fact that it has been rather gloomy for the past  couple of days

Anyhoo moving on to the purpose of this post

Do your kids have play time or even movement time in your class? I know in my class I have so much material to cover that the “kid” part of kindergarten often gives left by the wayside.

I mean I can’t have down time
Free Play
Dramatic Play

Everything Must be Work Work Work!

Ugh I know that I have to have the kids ready for 1st grade but sometimes that need time to just be kids and explore! With everything now that kinders have to do I feel like the fun of school is getting sucked from under their little fingers.

I mean seriously I don’t understand why I have to give kindergarteners a paper and pencil test every week! Every Freakin Week ( do you hear me screaming at my keyboard?)
Someone please tell me how that is developmentally appropriate.

I often times say that I teach baby second graders and boy is that true

Anyhoo let me get off of my soapbox and return to the regularly scheduled programming

sorry for that!

Moving Right along

Where was I?

Oh, it just came to me

I have noticed that my kiddos are weak with spelling their sight words and remembering them.

I have posted many times about how I do spelling. ( Click here to peep out how I teach spelling) In kindergarten we have weekly spelling test, boo, which are based off our sight words. For my kiddos this has been a constant struggle to get them to learn their words

This year I have implemented something that I call spelling exercise

The kids really enjoy this time and they get to be “silly” but they are still learning at the same time

Here are a few photos, a by few I mean a lot, of us moving to learn
With each exercise the kiddos have to do the exercise while spelling their word 3 times

Let me just say I am sorry the pics are soo dark. I am a bat and I hate having the lights on in my room! I forgot to turn them on before I started snapping pics!

You may proceed

1. Kiddos are jogging to spell their word

2. I believe they are still jogging
3. Jumping Jacks
4. Love this action shot! This is frog Hops

5. More Frog Hops

6. Bicycle
 7. More Bicycle
 8. Kangaroo POunce
 9. Squats!

10. Toe Touch

Some of my other spelling exercises that are not posted are

crawl like a turtle ( get down on all fours and crawl slowly while spelling the word)
swim like a fish ( Arms out to side and push back My kiddos like to blow up their jaws too)
hop like a monkey ( arms curled under and jump up and down)
Truck Driver ( Drive an invisible car and try not to crash while spelling the word)
Elephant ( Stomp while spelling the word)
Snake ( sliter body from side to side while laying on the floor)
King Kong ( pound on chest while spelling)
Tug a war ( Partners sit on floor facing each other holding  hands and pull)
Kick ( High Kicks)
Spin ( spin around while spelling the word)
Shake ( Shake to the front and shake to the back)

That is all I can think of right now! If  I  can remember to snap pics of some more exercises I will post those

IF I remember………………………………………….

Umm there was supposed to be a freebie attached but I have been to lazy lately to make it or anything else for that matter so…………………………………….

Peace Out Peeps
and I promise I will have a freebie for you mañana           

*Updated to include:

Mrs. Collatos @ First Grade is Toadally Awesome made some cute little cards to go with each spelling Exercise!

You can check them out here for free!

Check out this Linky for  more movement ideas for learning @

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  1. You should check out Heidi songs-Heidi Butkus also teaches Kindergarten in California and she has familiar tune songs to go with sight sight words and she sings and spells each one. She has a web site, blog and facebook page. You can always check out her songs on youtube. I used all the freebies on youtube I ended up buying her CD's.

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