Squishy Slimy Yucky Fun

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Hiya Peeps, Ms. Patterson Here
( but I am sure you already know that)
This week was awesome! We read the Diary of a Worm and had some slimy fun!
Check out the fun we had
Take a look at what I found while I was raking leaves
( ya’ll know I hate yard work)

My first reaction when I saw these is to collect them and take them to my class!
This totally suprised me b/c by no means am I a bug girl!
Here are some pics of the kiddos exploring the worms
check out the look on his face
My girls were much more game than the boys

He was scared to touch it

She ran from the worm and jumped in the chair
Too funny
After we went over some worm facts and played with the worms
I told the kiddies that we were going to set them free
We had a great day. I will share tommorrow what we did the rest of the week
Check out my wormy Worm Unit that we used this week

Click Here to check it out
I am going to give this unit away to the 1st 3 peeps that answer the questions correctly
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What does my brother and sister do?
I spent way too much money on______________
How old am I?_____________________

17 Replies to “Squishy Slimy Yucky Fun”

  1. Oooh, we learn about worms for our Foss animals science unit, I would love your unit to go along with it!

    Your brother is in the army. Your sister is studying to be a teacher.

    You spend too much money on shoes.

    You are 25.

    Love you blog and all of your ideas!


  2. Love the pictures and interactions with all the worms! Reminds me of when I brought a pet water frog for my classroom and the next week several students brought in frogs they'd caught in the nearby pond to add. Since they were a different species we had to get new aquariums and soon had 3 aquariums full of frogs! We let them all go though except for the African Clawed Frog that started it all! Fun times! 🙂

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