Spelling Can be Easy Peezy!!!!!

Do your little buggers struggle with sight words? No, well mine sure do! This year I have started doing more in class work with our sight(spelling) words. One thing that I have started during this year is spelling stations. Oh…………………….. my………………………… word my kiddos have done so much better with their words!
To read more about my spelling station click here and here
Here is a spelling station idea that I use in my classroom that can easily be set up and used with any set of words.
Step one make a sheet of paper like so
You can get more crafty and make one on the computer but I have sooooooooooooooooo much art paper that I would rather use it
( I know that it is sideways but I am on the dinosaur again!)
Next you will need a box of these
I like to cut them up so they are easier to paint with. If I didn’t cut the up the kiddos would paint with both ends and a big mess would ensue! This also helps with fine motor
*Nope Not Blood if that is what you were thinking*

 Now all you need is a word list and paint!

Notice the quicker picker upper ( pinic table cover) to minimize the mess!

There you have it an easy spelling station!
Here are a few more pics from our spelling station

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  1. Love the idea of painting words with q-tips. Thanks! I'm so glad I found your blog. I'd love to have you stop by and see what I'm doing.

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