Marshmallow Fun

Hi Peeps Ms. Patterson Here
I hope you are having a great start to your week
Today I just want to share a fun little freebie with you
At this time of year we are working on reviewing all skills that have been taught so that the kiddos will have a solid foundation when they go to 1st grade.
We have been reviewing measurement

This is simple and by that I mean very simple sheet that can be used as a classbook or whatever you feel the need to do

You can find another marshmellow measurement sheet from Kelli @ Castle and Crayons here

Peace out peeps

The VEry, Very, Bad, Cuteness, Clowns and TpT

I am linking up with Holly @ Criss Cross Applesauce
No Good
NO Bad
Just the Ugly
Very Very Very Ugly
This year I just can’t seem to keep my room clean
With 29 kiddos it is hard to keep all of thier junk and my crap together
I have never been this disorganized
But with that being said………………………………………………….
I am not ashamed
I am not ashamed

Don’t judge me!
I can’t be the only one
Next year will be much better

Okay now that you have made it through all of that ugliness time for a little cuteness!
Check out some of my kiddos work this week
We just finished up studying money! I am so happy we are done with this
This is one of the hardest concepts for my students to grasp
We had a circus theme going on here
Each student got to make a clown
The students had to count how much money they had
On the little poster at the bottom of the clown picture the students wrote a sentence about how much money they had

This is a circus writing! My kiddos wrote a paragraph, all by theirselves I might add, about the circus!

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You Gotta Get Up And Move To Learn

Hiya Peeps, Ms Patterson Here

I hope you are having a great week. I sure am! This week is going by so quickly and so much better that the last. I  think it has to do with the fact that it has been rather gloomy for the past  couple of days

Anyhoo moving on to the purpose of this post

Do your kids have play time or even movement time in your class? I know in my class I have so much material to cover that the “kid” part of kindergarten often gives left by the wayside.

I mean I can’t have down time
Free Play
Dramatic Play

Everything Must be Work Work Work!

Ugh I know that I have to have the kids ready for 1st grade but sometimes that need time to just be kids and explore! With everything now that kinders have to do I feel like the fun of school is getting sucked from under their little fingers.

I mean seriously I don’t understand why I have to give kindergarteners a paper and pencil test every week! Every Freakin Week ( do you hear me screaming at my keyboard?)
Someone please tell me how that is developmentally appropriate.

I often times say that I teach baby second graders and boy is that true

Anyhoo let me get off of my soapbox and return to the regularly scheduled programming

sorry for that!

Moving Right along

Where was I?

Oh, it just came to me

I have noticed that my kiddos are weak with spelling their sight words and remembering them.

I have posted many times about how I do spelling. ( Click here to peep out how I teach spelling) In kindergarten we have weekly spelling test, boo, which are based off our sight words. For my kiddos this has been a constant struggle to get them to learn their words

This year I have implemented something that I call spelling exercise

The kids really enjoy this time and they get to be “silly” but they are still learning at the same time

Here are a few photos, a by few I mean a lot, of us moving to learn
With each exercise the kiddos have to do the exercise while spelling their word 3 times

Let me just say I am sorry the pics are soo dark. I am a bat and I hate having the lights on in my room! I forgot to turn them on before I started snapping pics!

You may proceed

1. Kiddos are jogging to spell their word

2. I believe they are still jogging
3. Jumping Jacks
4. Love this action shot! This is frog Hops

5. More Frog Hops

6. Bicycle
 7. More Bicycle
 8. Kangaroo POunce
 9. Squats!

10. Toe Touch

Some of my other spelling exercises that are not posted are

crawl like a turtle ( get down on all fours and crawl slowly while spelling the word)
swim like a fish ( Arms out to side and push back My kiddos like to blow up their jaws too)
hop like a monkey ( arms curled under and jump up and down)
Truck Driver ( Drive an invisible car and try not to crash while spelling the word)
Elephant ( Stomp while spelling the word)
Snake ( sliter body from side to side while laying on the floor)
King Kong ( pound on chest while spelling)
Tug a war ( Partners sit on floor facing each other holding  hands and pull)
Kick ( High Kicks)
Spin ( spin around while spelling the word)
Shake ( Shake to the front and shake to the back)

That is all I can think of right now! If  I  can remember to snap pics of some more exercises I will post those

IF I remember………………………………………….

Umm there was supposed to be a freebie attached but I have been to lazy lately to make it or anything else for that matter so…………………………………….

Peace Out Peeps
and I promise I will have a freebie for you mañana           

*Updated to include:

Mrs. Collatos @ First Grade is Toadally Awesome made some cute little cards to go with each spelling Exercise!

You can check them out here for free!

Check out this Linky for  more movement ideas for learning @

Time Savers For Teachers

I am Kimberlee Fulbright from Teacher Time Savers & Two Fulbright Hugs:) I have been teaching 8 years total, but have been teaching Kindergarten for 2 years. Prior that that, I taught public school Prek for 4 years, and co-taught special education in 4th & 5th grades for 2 years.

I am thrilled that this is my FIRST guest blog entry, and I am grateful to Shuna for allowing me to do so! The topic for today is: WRITING and how to ensure that Kindergarten students take responsibility for their writing through peer and self-assessments.

At the beginning of each year, I model and show my students how to set criteria for various classroom procedures. Once we have set criteria, we begin to hold ourselves and one another accountable for following that criteria. Same is true for writing.

*If you would like to know more about how I set criteria, please visit one of my prior posts here.*

After many mini-lessons and examples of what good writing looks like, we begin to talk about the parts necessary to make our writing the best! For this posting, I will use writing sentences as the example.
When students write sentences, there are many parts the standards state must be present:

  • Upper case letter at the beginning
  • Spaces between words
  • Left-to-right progression of writing
  • Punctuation at the end of each sentence
  • Sounding out words
  • Neatness
  • Does the sentence make sense?
After they tell me all these items, I create a chart like this:

We call this our STAR Sentence criteria chart. Throughout the year, during any center or genre writing students produce, they will use this criteria chart to check their work to ensure they have ALL the parts listed.

Now, how do we make sure they are using the chart? Practice, practice, model, model. I model how to use the chart many times with my own writing or any shared writing we complete together.

Another way to make sure they are using the criteria is to have them self- and/or peer-assess using the following form PRIOR to conferencing with the teacher. I try to keep it simple for use in kindergarten, where students can color in the star when they have that particular element evident throughout their writing: (click

Click the pis to score!

How do you hold students accountable for their work? How do you teach students how to peer- and self-assess? If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them! Hope this guest blog entry has been beneficial!

from Teacher Time Savers & Two Fulbright Hugs

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A Freebie and a Giveaway

Today was supposed to be get to know me Tuesday but…………………………………………………………………………………

So instead, to make up my lack of following my blog schedule,
 I will be posting a freebie and a Giveaway

Do you have a lot of these laying around

or any old catalog will do

Well if you said yes I have an idea for you to put them to good use

One of the proudest moments for me as a kinder teacher is when the kiddos start to read the walls! They get so excited and say, “Ms. P I know what that says.”

When I started using these books during my center time at the beginning of the year I would always get kids that we say Ms. P I don’t see that letter or that word

I would politely, if not a little annoyed, leave my group and ask the kids what they were looking for. I would then say I see it right there

The kiddos would then accuse me of hiding the word/letter from them

Now when I do these the kiddos are actively looking for words in the small print. I am so proud of them.

This following  little Pack can be used for a variety of skills and a variety of ways

You can use the book order sheets with

ABC order
Beginning sounds
Long and Short Vowels
Greater Than/Less Than
Sight words
Letter sort ( upper and lower)
Letter Find
Number Find
Rhyming words
Ending Sounds
Silly sentences ( have them cut out ___________ words and see who can make the longest sentence)
Writing ( Pick a picture and use that word in a sentence)
Adjectives ( pick a pic and write _________ adjectives
Noun and Verb Match ( find a name and then find a verb ex…. Sam play) Then build a sentence with those words

These are just some ideas to get you started

Inside the freebie you will find activity sheets for

ABC order
Beginning sounds
Long and Short Vowels
Sight words

* Let me know if you would like an other ones*
Before I post the freebie I wanted to let you know about a giveaway that I am a part of

Becky at Teaching, Learning and Loving is having a giveaway

You can win one of my units on TpT as well as some other freebies

Click the Pic to check out the giveaway

These have been updated!

Please click the new picture below

Improved and Updated Version!

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