A Peek at My Week!

Check Out Some of the fun we had this week in centers

Let me preface this by saying that these many not be the prettiest pictures! My room looks like a hurricane came through it during our center time.
 I have 29 little lovelies and 14 stations going at once plus mine and my teacher assistant group.
Most people think that I am crazy to plan for 28 stations but I love centers and I get a lot of help from my blogger friends
You have been warned
You may proceed at your own risk

Reading Stations
This is my library station. This week we were working on short vowels so I picked some books for the kiddos to read and search for short vowels.
I used to hate planning for my library station because I could never find ways to make this station fun. I ran across a recording sheet on pinterest and a light bulb went off and I thought that I could use the sheet to give purpose to this station!
The kiddos are more engaged and reading with a specific purpose in mind!

The next station is a short vowel race type of thingy! The kids each had counters and shook the box and pulled out a picture card. The kiddos said the word and moved their game piece to that vowel. The kiddos then completed a recording sheet.
( I don’t have the slightest clue why the blue car drove off the road!)
This  station is my sentence station. When I first started my kiddos were a little rough around the edges with this skill. I wanted my kiddos to practice ordering words to make a complete sentence. The students pulled a sentence strip, unscrambled the words and wrote the sentence correctly on the line. I must admit that when I first introduce this my kiddos bombed, even though we had done this skill a month prior in whole group they did terrible in this station. I wanted to scratch my eyes out but I stuck with it and the kids are now asking me to make more scrambled sentences.

This is a review station. The kiddos have seemed to have FORGOTTEN  ending sounds! This station is a quick and easy station to set up. I poured letters in a bucket and put in some picture cards and Viola I have a center. These cards practice beginning, medial and ending sounds. The students then record their answers on their recording sheet.
This is a spelling station. At the beginning of the week I introduce all of out spelling words. The kiddos first have to sing their spelling words. You can check out the songs here. There are songs for 1 letter words all the way up to 6 letter words. The kiddos loved the songs and it has helped them retain the words better.
The kiddos use letter magnets to spell their words and then write their words on magnetic boards
*Don’t mind the upside down “N” in the picture!*
Easy and simple spelling station
This is another one of my spelling stations that I have in my room
In this station the students trace their spelling words, unscramble them and glue them to the paper and use a marker to write their words.
When the students have to unscramble the words it really helps them focus on what letter comes first, next and last.
( I know this is sideways but I am on the school computer and it is taking FOR———EV———————ER to upload on the dinosaur)
I use a word doc to create the spelling words scrambled up and have the students cut out the letters and paste them in the box
The next station the students matched long vowel words to the correct picture. Students then wrote the word next to the correct picture.

This game the students practice beginning and ending sounds. The kiddos pick an egg and open it to find a picture card. The kiddos then used letter to identify the beginning and ending sound
Buddy reading! I was going to get rid of the station because I have had it for so long but the kiddos pleaded with me to keep it. Their reading has really grown and they love to use the whisper phones. These books are selected by me and feature words they know which helps them become more confident
Listening Station
Kiddos Listened to the story If I Were the Easter Bunny. After they listened to the story they drew their own pictures of the Easter Bunny. (Ugh, I wished I had snapped pics of their drawings)
Math Stations
This is a place value station. Hidden inside the eggs is a number. The kiddos have to first write the number, tell how many tens and ones, write the addition sentence then finally draw the amount

Clock Station
Kids match the bunny clocks and make the time using their clocks

Money Station
Kids pick a card, count the amount, make the amount and record the answer

Adding Ten Station
Kids added the problems then matched them and circled the answer on their 100’s chart

Money Station

Money Eggs
Students picked a egg and opened it. Students then counted how much money was in each egg and recorded their answer

Place Value
Money Sort
Write the room

* Please over look all the crap on my desk*
More Place Value
Happy Almost Friday
Ms. Patterson

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  1. I love all your stations. You have inspired me to try to plan more stations. I only have 8 at a time with two kids at each station- for my early late group. I'd love to have 16 stations so all 32 kids could be actively engaged. You've inspired me.

    I do have a question- what does your recording sheet for the plastic egg beginning/ending sound look like. It was hard to see in the photo.
    ✿Tiffani Time 4 Kindergarten time4kindergarten@comcast.net

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