Teacher Tip and Baby Chicks

By no means is this my orginal idea! I read somewhere about this idea and decided to try it and boy did it work.

Have you often thought that your classroom looks like this
And wished it looked like this
Well this little tidbit might help
This game is called Mystery Trash. You have the students stand and tell them that you have ___________ pieces of mystery trash, I usally pick 2 pieces, and that it is their job to find it. You tell the students that they must be dectectives and find the mystery trash but they can’t push, talk, run or take something from some one else.
IN order to ensure that my kiddos really clean I tend to look around and pick the smallest most minute piece of trash on my floor and trash and that is the least obvious place. After I have mentally decided what items will be my mystery trash I remind the kiddos of the rules.
I set a time limit and have the kids go for it!  Prepare yourself they will be scrambling all over the floor looking for that piece of mystery trash. If I see someone breaking the rules I automatically make them go back to their seat and they can no longer play. This breaks their little hearts to see all of their friends crawling around on the floor and they can’t
* What is it about kinders and crawling? I don’t know about your kiddos but mine never WALK!
They run, scoot, crawl, hop, Jump, ugh but thats another story*
 Once all the trash is cleaned up I have the students to stand, throw all their trash away and I annouce who picked up my mystery trash and where it was located.
I usually give the students  who found the mystery trash a sticker or a small treat
MY kids love this game and it is a fun way for them clean up
While I was typing this I just remembered where I saw this idea! Duh, it was on Teacher Tipster but I am too lazy to scroll back to the top of this post to change it.
Here is the vid
Now on to some cuteness
I meant to post these awhile ago but I seemed to have forgotten
The pre-k teacher at my school hatched some baby chicks! My class along with the other kinder class got to watch and smell these cute little chicks

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