A Peek at my centers

Hi There
Here is a look at some of my Literacy Centers that I have this week
I know that I am a little Late Hopping on the Pete the Cat band wagon but my kiddos absolutely love it. I just got this book with my scholastic book order and I tell you I am loving it!
Here the students Listened to the book then used a pan and picture cards to retell the story

 This is the buddy reading station! This little Darling’s Buddy was not at school today but she seemed to do okay

 In this center the kiddos opened heart boxes and read the sentence strip. They then unscramlbed the sentence and wrote it correctly on the line
This station is a sight word search and find. Students use magnifying glasses to search the picture and find hidden words and record them on their sheet. If you look closely at the second picture you will notice that the printable is inside a ziplock bag and the kiddos use dry eraser makers to find the hidden word. MY shool has a limit on how much paper we have and how much we can laminate so I started to improvise!
Hey don’t judge me
whatever works, right?

AT this station students practiced beginning, middle and ending sounds

This is the journal/pocket chart station. Students read the poem I love Bugs and then wrote and illustrated the poem in their journals
Word work station
Kiddos picked a picture card, sounded the word out and spelled it using magnetic letters. ( Notice the recording sheet on the second picture. It is a sheet protector with handwriting paper inside it! Got find ways to save the little bit of paper I get from the district)

Spelling word center
Students wrote rainbow words then students used a q-tip to write their words. This was not  as messy as I thought it was going to be. The kiddos worked well at this station. I used a cheap pinic table cloth to cover the table and elimate mess. A toothpick would also be a great option to use at this station!

Library station
 Sensory Tub Station
 Kiddos practiced either beginning or ending sounds
My kiddos love stations but all of the recording sheets and papers were driving me nuts! So I gave each student a center folder
The kiddos put all of their recording sheets in here and I clean them out every two weeks. This helps me and the students because when they don’t finish a station they have their papers on hand to go back on Fridays for make up stations! I used file folders this year but I think next ear I am going to try those expanding portfolio thingys. I got a bunch of them from target $ spot.
At the end of the day the kiddos put the folders in a large, deep pocket chart
Each chart is labeled with the kiddos number so they know where to put their folder
*sorry my little piggy is in the pic*

I hope that you enjoyed peeking into my classroom
Stay tuned for math centers
Have a Blessed day!
Ms. Patterson

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  2. These centers are amazing! Your kids all look very engaged and the centers look very authentic. Good work!

    I have given you the Lovely Blog Award. Hop on over to my blog to check it out.


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