Mini Stations Anyone??

I promised a while back that I was going to post about my spelling mini stations not be confused with the spelling center.  WEll I am just now getting back around to posting this! I know, I know I am such a bad blogger! I do centers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurday from 9:20-10:10. On Monday and Fridays I have extra time since I don’t do centers on these days so I started to do spelling stations.  My kiddos struggle with sight/spelling words and receive little support from home so I decided that I needed to give the students more time to work with the words. I do have two spelling centers in my room but since do two rotations a day not every student will go to the spelling center.The spelling stations are another way that I have my students to practice their spelling words.

Here is a look at the spelling stations that students visited on Monday:
Students used playdough and letters to practice spelling words

Students used clothespins to spell their words

Letters cards and pom pom balls to spell their words
I got the letter mats from HERE
They are free to download along with lots of other great printables from Child Care Land

Same idea as above but the students used cars and dinosaurs to spell their words

Shoe string and letter beads

Wiki Sticks and letter cards
These are just a few of the stations that I use
To check out more ideas you can see my post here
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