As Promised a Peek at My Week: Math Centers

Here is a look at some of the centers this week for math!
Pretty simple idea: Pick a card, count that amount and write it in the correct square

Spin a Number Place Value Station
Students using the paper clips and spin the paper clip and write that number on their recording sheet. They spin it again and write the second number. Students put the number together and identify tens and ones. The kiddos then used the cubes to represent that number

Roll the Dice Place Value Station
Kiddos shook the heart box and recorded what number they rolled first in the first box on their sheet
Then they shook it again and recorded that number, kiddos then put what number they made in the 3rd box and finally decomposed it in the last box

I-Spy Numbers/Place Value
Use a magnifying glass to find tiny numbers hidden on the picture then used number cards to build the number that they made and lastly color the number in on the hundred’s chart provided

Write the room/Place Value

Race to 100 Station
Two Digit Addition Station

Place Value and hUNDRED’S cHART

A bump game

Teacher Tip and Baby Chicks

By no means is this my orginal idea! I read somewhere about this idea and decided to try it and boy did it work.

Have you often thought that your classroom looks like this
And wished it looked like this
Well this little tidbit might help
This game is called Mystery Trash. You have the students stand and tell them that you have ___________ pieces of mystery trash, I usally pick 2 pieces, and that it is their job to find it. You tell the students that they must be dectectives and find the mystery trash but they can’t push, talk, run or take something from some one else.
IN order to ensure that my kiddos really clean I tend to look around and pick the smallest most minute piece of trash on my floor and trash and that is the least obvious place. After I have mentally decided what items will be my mystery trash I remind the kiddos of the rules.
I set a time limit and have the kids go for it!  Prepare yourself they will be scrambling all over the floor looking for that piece of mystery trash. If I see someone breaking the rules I automatically make them go back to their seat and they can no longer play. This breaks their little hearts to see all of their friends crawling around on the floor and they can’t
* What is it about kinders and crawling? I don’t know about your kiddos but mine never WALK!
They run, scoot, crawl, hop, Jump, ugh but thats another story*
 Once all the trash is cleaned up I have the students to stand, throw all their trash away and I annouce who picked up my mystery trash and where it was located.
I usually give the students  who found the mystery trash a sticker or a small treat
MY kids love this game and it is a fun way for them clean up
While I was typing this I just remembered where I saw this idea! Duh, it was on Teacher Tipster but I am too lazy to scroll back to the top of this post to change it.
Here is the vid
Now on to some cuteness
I meant to post these awhile ago but I seemed to have forgotten
The pre-k teacher at my school hatched some baby chicks! My class along with the other kinder class got to watch and smell these cute little chicks

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A Peek at my centers

Hi There
Here is a look at some of my Literacy Centers that I have this week
I know that I am a little Late Hopping on the Pete the Cat band wagon but my kiddos absolutely love it. I just got this book with my scholastic book order and I tell you I am loving it!
Here the students Listened to the book then used a pan and picture cards to retell the story

 This is the buddy reading station! This little Darling’s Buddy was not at school today but she seemed to do okay

 In this center the kiddos opened heart boxes and read the sentence strip. They then unscramlbed the sentence and wrote it correctly on the line
This station is a sight word search and find. Students use magnifying glasses to search the picture and find hidden words and record them on their sheet. If you look closely at the second picture you will notice that the printable is inside a ziplock bag and the kiddos use dry eraser makers to find the hidden word. MY shool has a limit on how much paper we have and how much we can laminate so I started to improvise!
Hey don’t judge me
whatever works, right?

AT this station students practiced beginning, middle and ending sounds

This is the journal/pocket chart station. Students read the poem I love Bugs and then wrote and illustrated the poem in their journals
Word work station
Kiddos picked a picture card, sounded the word out and spelled it using magnetic letters. ( Notice the recording sheet on the second picture. It is a sheet protector with handwriting paper inside it! Got find ways to save the little bit of paper I get from the district)

Spelling word center
Students wrote rainbow words then students used a q-tip to write their words. This was not  as messy as I thought it was going to be. The kiddos worked well at this station. I used a cheap pinic table cloth to cover the table and elimate mess. A toothpick would also be a great option to use at this station!

Library station
 Sensory Tub Station
 Kiddos practiced either beginning or ending sounds
My kiddos love stations but all of the recording sheets and papers were driving me nuts! So I gave each student a center folder
The kiddos put all of their recording sheets in here and I clean them out every two weeks. This helps me and the students because when they don’t finish a station they have their papers on hand to go back on Fridays for make up stations! I used file folders this year but I think next ear I am going to try those expanding portfolio thingys. I got a bunch of them from target $ spot.
At the end of the day the kiddos put the folders in a large, deep pocket chart
Each chart is labeled with the kiddos number so they know where to put their folder
*sorry my little piggy is in the pic*

I hope that you enjoyed peeking into my classroom
Stay tuned for math centers
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Mini Stations Anyone??

I promised a while back that I was going to post about my spelling mini stations not be confused with the spelling center.  WEll I am just now getting back around to posting this! I know, I know I am such a bad blogger! I do centers on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thurday from 9:20-10:10. On Monday and Fridays I have extra time since I don’t do centers on these days so I started to do spelling stations.  My kiddos struggle with sight/spelling words and receive little support from home so I decided that I needed to give the students more time to work with the words. I do have two spelling centers in my room but since do two rotations a day not every student will go to the spelling center.The spelling stations are another way that I have my students to practice their spelling words.

Here is a look at the spelling stations that students visited on Monday:
Students used playdough and letters to practice spelling words

Students used clothespins to spell their words

Letters cards and pom pom balls to spell their words
I got the letter mats from HERE
They are free to download along with lots of other great printables from Child Care Land

Same idea as above but the students used cars and dinosaurs to spell their words

Shoe string and letter beads

Wiki Sticks and letter cards
These are just a few of the stations that I use
To check out more ideas you can see my post here
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