A Look at Reading Centers: Jan 23

This is a look at some of the centers that I had in my classroom this week. I have not been able to take pictures like I want to because I recently cracked the LCD in my phone and had to put it in the shop so these pictures where taken with the with my pre-k teachers phone! MY phone has been in the shop for almost three weeks but thats another story
ANyhoo on to the pictures and activities
MY spelling station: Kiddos read the word, write it with a pencil, write it with a marker and finally stamp the word
This is my sensory tub. kiddos practice spelling spelling words then write them on the magna doodle board
*** you can grab the recording sheet here***
This is a picture of my pocket chart station
Students first read the poem and then match the correct picture card to the sentence
Kiddos then use their recording sheet to fill in missing words or letters

*** you can grab all the materials for this station here****
Buddy REading Station
Kiddos select a decodable book that they would like to read. Kiddos can either read to each other or read by themselves using the whisper phones
***Listening Station Next to it***
Phonics Listening STation
I have some phonics skill boards that come with a cd and tape that I love! These are great because they it takes the student step by step and explains each skill. The students just follow along and answer the questions. Lakeshore makes these as well as another company that I can’t remember
sentence Stations
Kiddos practice making sentences
The last station is Magnet station. Kiddos match picture magnets and use magnetic letters to spell the words
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Simple Spelling Word Station Ideas

Here is another easy station that I use in my kinder classroom. I rotate several different activities in my spelling station so that my students don’t get bored.
In my classroom my kiddos struggle with spelling words/sight words. So in order to make this station more fun I have the kiddos first sing their spelling word song from http://mrsjonesroom.com/songs/alphlist.html#spell
1. Students write their words with a marker down the side of their paper. Students then use a small square sheet like the one below. Students cut out the letters and place them in the correct order to spell the word
( I make the sheets in word. I just insert a text box and type the scrambled letters)

2. Students use a keyboard, I have 2 from old computers,  to practice spelling their spelling words. Students then write the words on a sheet of paper.
3. Students use individual bags of ketchup, shaving cream and jello to practice their words
4. Students use sand to write their words.
5. Kiddos use markers, pencils and stamps to practice words,.
6. Students use bottle tops to spell words
7. Old shoe laces and letter beads are a fun way to practice words. I use an old tackle box to store the beads.
8. This one is one that I use whole group. I give each student a letter and we play pop up spelling. I say a word for example jump, the first student with the first letter pops up quickly and says their letter then the next student pops up and says their letter.
9. We play Sparkle and Around the World to practice for spelling test.
10. Kiddos can paint their words in the spelling station. I hate having paint everywhere but the kiddos love to paint so I sometimes let them paint with q-tips and water on a chalkboard or have them use q-tips and color paint on construction paper
11. I have a large set of blocks in my classroom that I put tape on and write a letter. Students then use their spelling word list and spell their words using the blocks.
12. I have old clothes and teddy bears that they students use to dress up as the spelling word. Students pick a word card and they can either dress themselves as the word or a doll or teddy beaR. Each item has on letter on it and the student puts on the item in the correct order as the word is spelled. Students sometimes test each other and they have to figure out their partners word
13. Another idea is word searches and cross word puzzles
( I also make my own word searches too! I is very hard to find word searches for kinders that is large enough for them to see so I make my own in word. I just insert a text box and use Cheri Liney font to make them)

14. Letter magnets, blocks, titles are used to spell words.
15. Sensory tub with letters in them to practice spelling words. ( I have used cut up straws, beans, rice, sand, rubber ducks ( have letters on the bottom), cut up paper, beads, cereal, bugs, math counters to name a few to fill my tub)
16. Playdough and letter stampers
17. I have some letter cards and wikki sticks that students use to spell their spelling words.
18. My students are big on hand games so I use them to help the students practice spelling words.  Think Miss Mary Mack, Slide, or Shame Shame Shame I don;t want to go to Mexico
19. One of my student spelling center is the cork board center. Students first write their word on index cards. Students then use a push pin ( I have a long talk before they are allowed to use them) or a paper clip,unfold it, or a pencil and let the students push the letter on the cork board. If you don’t have a cork board you can use carpet squares or an old shoe box
20. Basket Ball /  Bean Bag Toss
I have a set of foam ball that have letters on them students must first read the spelling word on the flashcard. Students then toss the basketball/foam balls in the basket spelling the word. For example students must first read the word jump on the flashcard if they get it right they then shoot the word in the goal, trashcan, first starting with the j ball then the u ball and so on.
I hope that you can use these ideas! If you have some new ideas leave a comment and I will gladly try them.
Happy Teaching
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