Hiya Peepers
Shuna here
I am once again linking up with Farley 
for her monthly currently feature
Listening: I am sitting here listening to Etta James and NCIS while trying to finish up my MLK pack.
I must have noise to create. I can’t function when it is quiet
I have to have noise when I fall asleep too
I know
I am weird!
Lovin: This break!!!!!!!! nuf said
moving on
Thinking: 5 am next Monday is going to kick me in the rear
My sleep pattern is all kinds of jacked up 
Wanting: MacBook Pro
 I want it 
no real reason
just got this computer less than a year ago
but I want a Mac
So there
Needing: Nothing
I am blessed
I don’t have enough room in my house for all the stuff I have now
OLW: Laugh
It really is the best medicine
Many not solve all your problems but it will definitely make you feel better!
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Peace Out Peeps

Tech Tip { New to Me}

Hey all
Shuna here
Short post but I wanted to tell you about I quick tip that I just figured out
It may be common to some of you but what is common for everyone else is not really to me, ha
My folks always say that I am book smart but the common sense part flew right over my head
So don’t laugh or roll your eyes if you already knew this
I mean it
No rolling your eyes
Cause you know I can see that kind of thing
Here goes
I just figured out how to apply multiple clipart items in a powerpoint slide all at once
You know when you using clipart lettering and it is a pain to select each letter and insert it into a 

Font by Nicole and Miss Tiina Frames by Krista

Hope you found this little tip helpful

Oh and I should add that I am on a PC

I am linking up with Fern for Her Thursday Tech Tip

Peace out peepers

Have a great day

Clipart Addicts

Hiya all
Shuna here
This is going to be a short post 
I came across this clipart sale a earlier this week and I almost didn’t want to share it
Have your every been to the digi-scrap website? Aisne makes some of the cutest clipart and she is 
such a sweetie
Check out some of her work

Are you ready for some good news?
All her sets are 1 buck
One freakin buck
if you hop on over right now you can buy her whole store
90 SETS for a whopping
wait for it
still waiting
10 bucks!!! Now that is an amazing deal
Hurry and go get your shop on
you only have till the 31st to scoop up this amazing deal
Peace Out Peeps

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A little Late { Elf Antics}

So this post is very very late but I have had absolutely no freakin energy to do anything
Hiya Peeps 

Long time no blog
Well I am going to try to do better but this year is seriously stressing me out!!!!
This week has been very busy for us
First I read the story The Elf on the Shelf to my kiddos
and I asked them if they wanted a elf to come visit our room and they all shouted yes.
So I told them that if they wanted an elf to come visit our school then they had to write a special 
request to Santa.


Holly Blogger and an Update

Hi all
Shuna here
I hope that you had a great Christmas!
I got to travel here for Christmas
Beautiful isn’t it
I spent a week in El Paso, TX
For some reason I was under the impression that it was a small town
Very small
but boy was I in for a surprise!!!! This baby is huge
Most of you know that my brother is in the Army and he is stationed in El Paso.
He is scheduled to deploy in January so my family decided to spent Christmas with him
I participated in the Holly Blogger Exchange 
It was so much fun and I couldn’t wait to get my goodie from a blogger friend
I am late posting because I just got back and just now got to open my gift!
Here is my gift that I am in super duper love with!
Thanks Michelle 
So cute
Apparently my small problem with kit kats is getting around!
As you can see I ate some before snapping the picture
Are you in love with the cute paper and frame that Michelle used for my gift? You can scoop it up free here 
If you would like to participate in the next blogger exchange hop on over to and follow
Now I am off to sleep 
The almost 18 hour drive from El Paso has worn me out
Here are a couple more pics from my trip

As you can see I have a small obsession with mountains. I climbed one once while in Chattanooga but that is whole nother story! Lets just say that the trip down was a lot faster than going up……
Peace out Peeps

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