Plants and Greater than/Less Than

We learned about labeling and the parts of a plant. At my school we have do to displays in the hallway. Last year the hallway displays took up way too much time so this year I decided that I would hang clothespins up with the kiddos name so that each time when we changed displays all I have to do is just slip the kiddos work in their pin and go! No more tape rolls and staples!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is our language Display

We are studying nouns right now so we did Nancy Noun! ( My team mate did Victor Ver but I forgot to snap a pic!) The larger green slips are proper nouns so each child just wrote their name on the slip. The round circles at the top of Nancy’s dress are persons, the longer green slips on her dress are things and animals, and the stockings are places. Each child had to come up with 2 of each kind of nound that we talked about and they glued it on her dress. The students then picked on word and wrote a sentence with that word on the sentence strips
Lastly are our displays for math

I did not make these but I thought this was super cute. These are from the pre-K classroom at my school

*** A cute way to do a Go Chart**** ( More info on Go Chart Here)
Now for a random bit of cuteness! I just had to buy this cute little guy! I have a thing for things that are weirdly cute!

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