Plants and Greater than/Less Than

We learned about labeling and the parts of a plant. At my school we have do to displays in the hallway. Last year the hallway displays took up way too much time so this year I decided that I would hang clothespins up with the kiddos name so that each time when we changed displays all I have to do is just slip the kiddos work in their pin and go! No more tape rolls and staples!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is our language Display

We are studying nouns right now so we did Nancy Noun! ( My team mate did Victor Ver but I forgot to snap a pic!) The larger green slips are proper nouns so each child just wrote their name on the slip. The round circles at the top of Nancy’s dress are persons, the longer green slips on her dress are things and animals, and the stockings are places. Each child had to come up with 2 of each kind of nound that we talked about and they glued it on her dress. The students then picked on word and wrote a sentence with that word on the sentence strips
Lastly are our displays for math

I did not make these but I thought this was super cute. These are from the pre-K classroom at my school

*** A cute way to do a Go Chart**** ( More info on Go Chart Here)
Now for a random bit of cuteness! I just had to buy this cute little guy! I have a thing for things that are weirdly cute!

Shuna P

Our Plant Writing

So we just finshed out plant unit last week and I thought that I would share our writing. I sure that you have seen some of these charts floating around on pinterest! They are so cute and can easily be adapted.
At my school we use the four square method for teaching writing.  You can read more on 4 square here. One the first day we discuss our topic in depth and write our topic on our 4 square chart.
On Tuesday we talk about the first column which is can. We make a list of what plants can do and then on the four chart chart we say Plants can and the kiddos pick one of the words for the can column to complete their sentence
On Wednesday we do the next column which is have and lastly we do the are column.

Here is a look at the students chart

Have a great week!
Ms. Patterson

Math Stations

Here is a quick snapshot of what some of my math stations look and how I organize all the manipulatives inside their math bucket for ease of use and access.

Each math bucket has a station number that matches the number on the student rotation cards 
Inside each bucket are the materials for each station
Here is a look at some of the center buckets and how the materials are organized as well as the center in use
For a more detailed explanation of each center you can go here
Number Pattern Blocks and Counting
Counting using a 100s chart, beans and clothespins.
Students then get a bag and find the numbers on their slips and color the number on the chart
Ice tray counting

Number Words and counting

Students spelled number words and practiced counting.

Egg counting and clothespin numbers 

 To elimate arguing over what get what I also try to color code the manipulatives that the kiddos get. Each students material will have a color dot.

Domino Parking Lot