What do you do during morning meeting? A Blog Hop

What do you do during your morning meeting? I don’t know about you but I cover a wide variety of skills during my morning meeting. I don’t have a smartboard so I like to use my white board to cover my skills.
1. For Starters I, or the Top Banana, will start the Good Morning poem and everyone will move to their seats on the carpet! By the time that we are finished saying the poem everyone is seated and ready to begin
I typed up the Good Morning Poems
Click HERE to get them 
2. After we say the poem the Teacher Asst, a student’s job, we begin our calendar. We do our months of the year, macareana dance, days of the week, Adams Fam song, count how many days we have been in school and review previous week’s sight words and word fam words. ( Pocket charts hold these words.
3. After the calander we then review our spelling words. We use magnetic letters and I pick a student to spell each word on the board. The remaining students writing  the words on their hands( a dry erase board) After we build the words on the board I use Mrs. Jones room to sing each word! She has songs for up to six letter words.
*** Carpet bags that house the students dry erase makers and hands, hundred chart and ten frame chart**** Students keep these in their crate seats
So that I have the letters on hand for students to build the words on the board I keep a jewerly thingy to store the letters in
4. After the spelling words we then review previous skills and do our fluency
Skills we are working on right now are letter fluency, naming and sound, number fluency and sequence, beginning sounds and rhyming words

View of one of our fluency charts!
5. We then play a quick game using words on our word wall and begin Jolly Phonics
During Jolly Phonics we go over the letter, practice writing it, I write in on the board students write on the hands and then we play a listening game.  Traditionally at my school the teacher reviews the letter and students go back to their seats and practice writing the letter. I could not do this because it was very boring so I created letter stations! I will post more on the letter stations at another time
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