A Quickie!!! Four Square Writing and Kindergarten Happenings

We use four square writing method for our writing instruction. Each day  we write in one square until eventually we have completed all squares. The idea behind the four square, at least in K at my school, is that the students will be able to write a paragraph by the time that they leave. Since this is the beginning of the year the students write what I write but as the year progresses the students’ four square chart will look different from mine. I will continue to model the four square and writing conventions but they will have to eventually come up with their own details for their writing. For example if we are talking about colors in our world, I will model how to write a sentence and detail about our topic but my color would be different from theirs. I might choose to write about the colors lilac,periwinkle or etc while the students write about more traditional colors. I am still modeling what and how to write but the students will have to come up with their own sentence to write in their square.
I have had great success with this method and the students got really good at write supporting details and sentences. I don’t know about you but my past students were able to write but their writing was very scattered because they would not stick to one topic. 4 Square writing has really helped my students.
Last week we read the story If You Give a Moose a Muffin and wrote about how to make muffins. Since the students are not very good writers we discussed how to make make and the process that it takes. Each day we wrote about one step in that process.
MY Four Square
 Students Four Square
These look the same right now but as the year goes on the students will be able to write on their own! It takes us about a week to complete a four square chart and we use the following week to edit our writing and pull the sentences and write a paragraph

*this is the book I use*

Kindergarten Happenings!

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  1. I have the book that goes with this. It is very easy to do the first day I write in the middle square and we discuss the topic and things that we can write about the topic and make a list. The next day we write in square number 1. Since we were making a recipe we did the first step of the recipe in square number 1 but if you are writing a say cats for your topic in each square you would write a supporting detail about a cat. On day 2 you will write another detail/supporting fact about you topic. You do the same for square 3. You can either do a summary in square 4 or another detail. I usually do a summary. Right now since this was one of our first writings we wrote simple words but as the year progress each square will have a sentence in it. After you have finished one week of writing I usually use the following week to edit each square. We pull each sentence out of the box and write it in paragraph form starting with the topic sentence then going to square 1-4. It has so many possibilities. You can even do the topic over multiple weeks to get more than one paragraph. It works wonders for me and by December my students are able to write, independently, 3 or more sentences on a given topic in their journal

    Here is the book that I use http://www.amazon.com/Four-Square-Writing-Method-Approach/dp/1573101885

    Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any more questions I will be glad to answer them.
    Ms. Patterson
    Pocket Full of Kinders

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