A Go Chart for Reading!

Have you heard about Go charts?
 Before I came my school I had never heard of a go chart!
A go chart is basically an anchor chart of sorts that students use to respond to a story daily. At the beginning of the year the teacher writes down the ideas that the students come up with based on the story and as the year progresses and the students get better at writing they use sticky notes and write their own responses. These are really simple to make and helps the studnets gain better understanding of story elements.
In kindergarten we read a story each week and complete one section of the go chart each day. Here is a couple examples of a go chart. Since this is the beginning of the year they are fairly basic but as the year goes on they get more and more eloborate!

On Monday we take a picture walk through our story and the students make a prediction based on the picture walk about what the story is going to be about. We also review our vocabulary and sight words
On Tuesday we do I wonder…. The students tell what they wonder about the story. When giving a response the students began by saying I wonder……. For example when reading the Brown Bear story a student said I wonder where all the animals are going and why they are by themselves. Another student wondered if all the animals got along
On Wednesday we do Understanding which is the I noticed part of the Go Chart. On this day the students tell what they noticed. One of the students noticed that the animals had funny coloring and they were not that color in real life! Another student noticed that all the animals could see each other when they do not live in the same place!
On Thursday we do Connections and this is when the students make connections to self, world and text.
Lastly on Friday we do Retelling and the students act out what happened!
We do this with each and every book and display them in our hallway. This really helps my students and they become more aware of a book and the purpose of reading that book. The Go Chart helps my students become deeper thinkers and critical readers!

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