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So if you have been following my blog you know that I started the year off with 33 kinders! I have never had that many students and did not have room for all of them. I have limited seating with only 5 tables so I did not have enough room for all the kiddos and there stuff. I don’t know about you but I literally can’t function with clutter and junk thrown everywhere and we all know that kinders are very messy! One way that I cut down on the mess is to use crate seats, click here to read more, and the other way is to use carpet bags.
I love these carpet bags and the studnets have everything on hand that they will need. My plan is to have these grow with our needs. Eventually I want to have math manipulatives in them, flashcards for the skill that we are covering, baggies of money, (don’t you have having to pass out the conis each day when teaching money, IT DRIVES ME NUTS!!1),clocks and whatever else we might need.
Here is how I store the carpet bags
I got the black bucket from Walmart for $4.oo
The bucket sits on a bookshelf in my whole group area
A closer look at the bags. I got these from Walmart for .97 cent
Each bag is labeled with the student’t name. I could not find the badge clips so I used binder clips (the small ones were .88 cent for a box at, Wally World)
I made the name tags using decorative paper that came in a package of 7  different patterns for .97 cent.
I typed each student’s name in word, printed and laminated the sheet
* Here is a closer look*
Here is a look at what is inside the carpet bag at the moment.
folder, binders would be stronger but the kiddos bought 10 folders a piece so I just had to find a use for them, pencil pouch that holds their eraser, dry erase marker, sharpie, and pencils and their dry erase hand board.
I use these for word work on the carpet, spelling, sentence writing, math. These are a lifesaver b/c they allow me to see if the students are getting a concept and allows me to check their thinking while we are on the carpet.
 Student’s writing journals that I got with my Donor’s Choose grant
math Journals
Here is what I include inside my carpet folders
I put the papers inside the folder in the same order as we cover them during our morning meeting time. I find that it is easier for the students to get a concept like recognizing numbers 1-100 or the letters of the alphabet when they actually point along with me instead of watching me point. It helps them connect what they are saying to an acutal letter or number
Alphabet chart that we say each morning. One day we might focus on the sound, A-a apple, B-b ball and so on or we might do letters. We also play I-spy where I tell the a sound and they have to tell me the picture, or I will say a word and they have to find the picture with the same beginning, ending sound or rhyming words. These are laminated so the kiddos can just use their marker to circle the answer
next is the word wall of words we will cover this year
A 100’s chart where the students point to the number as we count.
Ten Frames chart where the students build the number of the day or mystery number from the 100’s chart. Later on the kiddos will get a chart with 10 ten frames on it.
Word Attack Strategies
* OUr traveling word wall. Sorry the pic is sideways*
Kiddos make their own word wall. They add the spelling/sight words to their chart each week. Kiddos use these during center time in the post office and journal stations
Word Family chart, same concept as the word wall chart. The students write the words from the word family in the box. The kids fill one box for each word family, we have gone over 3 word Families so the students have written in 3 boxes. The students also have a word family journal, I forgot to take a pic of it, anyhoo they draw a picture of each word family word in their journal during stations
Does anyone else use this idea? What do you put in yours?
Coming up next Reading Logs/take home books
Centers in Action
Letter Stations
Math Stations
Happy Teaching

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  1. So happy your numbers are down, if you can call 27 down, lol! I recognized the months of the year and days of the week printable…I made it! 🙂 Nice to see it is useful to other teachers. I have been following you for a while. Nice blog!

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