All about Centers! ( Organization and Centers in Action)

I love, love love  doing centers. As I have posted before I have 27 kiddos with 13 groups. I have two students per group. Each student has two group names, one for independent group stations and one for guided reading and writing. For independent group stations the students have jungle animal names and for guided reading and writing they have color names.
Here is a picture of what I use to display centers
Here is my center chart. I know its not all that cute but it is very functional!
Here is a close up of the chart. This are two of the kiddos groups. The Lions and the Hippos, the two number beside each picture tell what station the kiddos go to. The green number is the first station and the read number is the second station
At the top of the chart, the books show  the groups that I will meet with for Guided reading and writing.
Here is a pic of my station posters that I hang in each station
Under the station poster are the I can statement for each center
After the kiddos go to their station the center captain for that station is responsible for going to get their bucket. Here is a pic of how I store my center material for reading and math
I use crates for storage. These are located in the back of my room under a white board. I stacked two crates on top of each other. The top row of crates hold reading center materials and the bottom row of red buckets hold math materials. Each crate holds two center bucket. The first crate hold materials for station 1 and 2 the next crate holds material for 3 and 4 and so on.
This is a picture of the individual reading baskets.
I label each basket with the name of the station and all the materials for that station are included in the basket.
Now on to the acutal centers. Warning! It gets very messy during center times but the kids are learning sooo…………………………………………..

This is the alphabet egg station. The kiddos pulled and egg and found its match on the sheet and colored it the same color as the egg they pulled. The kiddos were working on matching upper and lower case letters

Word Wall sTation. The kiddos first got their baggies and the list and spelled the words on the list. Next the got their white board and marker then wrote the word on the board. Lastly the kiddos found the word on the wall and picked a chant to practice the word. * For a challenge the kiddos had to tell their partner why the word was a centain color. ( Red=Word Family, Orange=math, vocabulary=Popcorn Word Green=Popcorn Word and so on )
next is the journal writing station

We learned the words see, I  and a. The kids made I see a sentences using the fall words poster. I found this idea on here. Students wrote the sentence for each picture on the poster.

Library Station
Students picked a book from the book basket. On their sheets of paper I wrote a letter that I wanted them to find. Looked through their book to see how many words they could find with their letter
letter Build Station

Pocket Chart Station
Sensory Tub
Students used spoons to scoop out letters and match them to their sheet

Spelling station
Kids used their pencil or finger to write the word in the floor. Students then filled out their response sheet.
Word Fam and Listening

Click here to read a more detailed post about my center and get the printables that I used

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