Attention Grabbers Freebie

This is going to be a very short post! It is 6:30 here and I am dog tired! This is my second day of going back to school and I am exhausted, mostly because my body has not adjusted back to school time and getting up at 5 in the AM!
I have made another attention getter poster for my classroom.
I love to use these in my classroom and it is both fun and effective!
My kiddos love this and it is much better then saying, Be quiet or my all time favorite: Hey you close your face!

In case you missed the first one!

**** These have received a major update****
Click the pic to get the new and improved version

Happy Teaching

Updated Attention Grabbers Freebie

I alway look for corky and unique ways to grab students attention and this attention getter freebie was just the thing that I was looking for!

*** Update***

These have been updated!

The new and improved version is much cuter and appealing

Click the pic to scoop them up



I hope that you enjoy this freebie!
**** I figured it out! Thanks Belinda at I Love 2 Teach****